A Texas Favorite – Cowboy Boots!

Being that I live in Texas, it’s almost blasphemy that I don’t own a fabulous pair of Women’s Cowboy Boots.  I own a pair, but they aren’t fabulous, and they are barely worthy to be worn by a Texan. In my search, I have found there are some amazing styles out there, ranging in price from “reasonable” to “HOW MUCH??”.  I’ve decided that when I hit my (big) weight loss goal, I’m going to get a pair of Cowboy Boots that dreams are made of.  (26 pounds down, 34 to go).

Here are a few of my favorites.  With so many amazing styles and designs available, choosing between them is almost impossible. It’s torture not hitting the “add to cart” button!

When you think of Cowboy boots, one of the first names that comes to mind is Stetson.  They have a history of outfitting the most rugged, and dainty, of cowgirls.  I love this pair.  These are the  perfect blue jeans and t-shirt, go-to pair of everyday boots.  And they are one of the more reasonably priced pair.  Oh, Santa…


This pair of Macie Beans Antiqued Embroidered boots would be the perfect addition to a carefree summer dress.  I really love the pink and turquoise accents against the Honey Brown leather.

Macie Bean-Honey Brown-Embroidery-Boots-ciaofromtexas

I’m not quite sure what it is, but this pair is calling my name.  Loudly.  I love the silver embroidery against the sleek, yet perfectly distressed, black leather. They are pricey, but knowing they are made by Old Gringo, you know they are built to last for life.   Every pair of their boots are handcrafted to be both functional and fabulous!

Old Gringo-womens-Black-silver-Embroidered-Horseshoe-boot-ciaofromtexas

These are the same style, just in a luscious Chocolate color.  So, naturally, I would need both pairs of boots if I wanted a completed wardrobe.  Right?  I can’t decide which pair I love more!

Old Gringo-womens-chocolate-Embroidered-Horseshoe-boot-ciaofromtexas

I am really liking this pair.  I’m on a chocolate brown and turquoise kick right now.  When I was looking online for boots, I kept coming back to this pair.  It’s just something about them that is calling my name.  Aren’t they adorable!  I am not familiar with the Corral branding, but between the beautifully detailed embroidery, distressed leather, and good price, I can already see an open space in my closet for these babies.


I love the simple design with the pop of red in this pair.  These are another pair of great everyday boots.  Everyone needs a little pop of color in their day, why not make it from these great priced Ariat boots.


These are fabulous.  I love the studding on the design against the distressed leather.  This pair is made by Lucchese, which are pretty much the best of the best.  I can see myself in these with a lovely flowing skirt or a pair of skinny jeans with a light flowing shirt.  ahhhhh  Yes, please!

Lucchese-Redwood-Studded -Angeliana-Boots-ciaofromtexas

Now, this pair…oh, this is THE pair.  The pair that makes me swoon.  The pair that haunts my dreams.  The pair that is first on my list when I hit the jackpot – or my goal weight.  Whichever comes first.  They are gorgeous Old Gringo Embroidered Sora Cowboy boots.  And yes, they are more than a car payment (or two), but aren’t they just perfection?  Plus, with all the beautiful and bright colored embroidery, they will match almost anything.  (I have to tell myself that to justify the “investment”.)


One day I will have a pair of fabulous boots that are worthy to be worn by a Texan.  Until then, I will dream of them.  Over and over…


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